Associate Professors

Associate Professors

CHEN Xuerong, PhD, Associate Professor, PhD Supervisor; Survival Analysis, Quantile Regression, Missing data, Length-Bias Data, Longitudinal Data, Nonparametric/ Semi-parametric Modeling, Statistical Inference;

GUO Bin, PhD in Economics, Peking University, Associate Professor; Hypothesis Testing for High-Dimensional Data;

LAN Wei, PhD in Economics, Peking University, Associate Professor; Ultra-High Dimensional Data Modeling; Statistical Analysis of Social Network Data; Risk Management and Portfolio Optimization;

ZHOU Ling, PhD, postdoctoral fellow at University of Michigan, Associate Professor, PhD supervisor; Data Integration, Transformation Model,  Nonparametric Theory and Method;

LIU Yaowu, PhD in Statistics from Purdue University, postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, Associate Professor; Novel Statistical Methodology that enables researchers to gain insights from massive and complex genetic datasets;

FAN Guobin, PhD, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Associate Professor; Financial Econometrics, Financial Market Risk Management and Financial Investment;

GAO Chunyan, PhD in Management, Nanjing University, Associate Professor; Service System Operation Management, Supply Chain Management, Queuing Theory;

LI Chun, PhD in Management, Associate Professor; Economic statistics, Cooperate finance;

CHEN Kun, PhD, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Associate Professor, PhD Supervisor; Time Series Analysis, Spatial Statistics, Functional Data Analysis, Financial Statistics;

CHIANG Jyun-You, PhD, Tamkang University, Associate Professor, PhD Supervisor; Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Macroeconomic Statistical Analysis, Enterprise Statistical Analysis;

DAI Linlin, PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor; High-Dimensional Statistics, Nonparametric Modeling, Statistical Machine Learning, Case-control Study;

CHEN Dandan,PhD in Economics, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Associate Professor; National Economic Accounting;

HUANG Yanyong, PhD, Southwest Jiaotong University, Associate Professor; Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Big Data Analysis and Decision Making, Granular Computing and Rough sets;

SHE Rui, PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor; Heavy-Tailed Statistics, Change-Point Analysis, Non-Stationary Time Series, Variable Selection;

SUN Xiuli, PhD in Economics, Georgia Institute of Technology; Labor Economics, Industry Organization, Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics;

PENG Gang, PhD, Beijing Normal University, Associate Professor; Macroeconomic Statistics and Accounting;

ZHOU Fanyin, PhD, Imperial College London, Associate Professor; Event History Analysis, Survival Analysis and Network Data Analysis;

XIA Yifan, PhD, Sichuan University, Associate Professor; Multivariate Statistics, Sampling Survey Design and Implementation, Survey Data Analysis and Processing;

LI Yi, PhD, Georgia State University, Associate Professor; Micro-econometric Analysis, High Dimensional Data Model, Survival Analysis, Causal Inference, Functional Data Analysis;

SONG Boqian, PhD, Nanyang Technological University, Associate Professor; Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing, Behavioral Operations Management;

MA Yunbei, postdoctoral fellow at University of Washington and Princeton University, Associate Professor, PhD Supervisor; High-dimensional Data Analysis, Non-parametric and Semi-parametric Models, Survival Analysis;

LI Ke, PhD, University of Florida, Associate Professor; Data Science and Big Data Technology;

LIU Bin, postdoctoral fellow at the University of Hong Kong, Associate Professor; Machine Larning, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining;

ZHANG Fode, PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Associate Professor; Reliability Statistics, Statistical Learning, Information Geometry;

LI Jianfu, PhD in Management, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Associate Professor; Financial Investment and Financial Engineering, Social and Economic Statistical Analysis, Decision Analysis;

SU Yuanlin, Associate Professor; Application of Statistical Theory, Human Resource Statistics;

WANG Qinghua, Associate Professor; Socioeconomic statistics;

ZHANG Huajie, Associate Professor; Non-stationarity of Panel Data, Real Estate Economy, Bank Efficiency;

ZHANG Shulin, PhD, Wuhan University, Associate Professor; Quantitative finance;