(1) CHEN Juan, PhD in Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Resource and Environmental Economy, Macroeconomic Models and Policies, Panel Model Theory and Application; chenjuan@swufe.edu.cn

(2) DENG Wei, PhD, University of Electronic Science and Technology; Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Big Data Analysis; dengwei@swufe.edu.cn

(3) HE Jing, PhD in Economics, Peking University; High-Dimensional Data Analysis, High-Dimensional Covariance Matrix, Non-parametric Statistical Methods, Hypothesis Testing; he_jing@swufe.edu.cn

(4) DAI Mingwei, PhD, Xi’an Jiaotong University; Programming and Scientific Computing, Data Structure, Data Mining, Modern Statistical Inference; daimw@swufe.edu.cn

(5) ZHU Li, PhD; National Economic Accounting, Macro-economic Statistics, Macro Financial Statistics, Government Statistics; zhuli@swufe.edu.cn

(6) LV Fengmao, PhD, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Assistant professor; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Computer Vision; fengmaolv@126.com

(7) WU Liang, PhD, Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; High frequency data multi-fractal analysis, System complexity measurement, Long memory stochastic model, NMR data analysis; wuliang@swufe.edu.cn

(8) ZHOU You, Central South University; zhouy@swufe.edu.cn